Proudly independent and community-owned.

The Cawthron Institute Trust Board is a charitable trust established in accordance with the Thomas Cawthron Trust Act 1924 to oversee the Cawthron Institute.

What is the role of the Trust Board?

The Trust Board appoints the Board of Directors, who govern Cawthron Institute and approve its strategic direction. The Trust Board also funds a range of science and education-focused community initiatives, and employs a community educator who organises events and delivers education programmes to promote and foster science in the community.

Who is on the Trust Board?

In keeping with the original Thomas Cawthron Trust Act of 1924, the Cawthron Institute Trust Board includes the member of parliament for the electoral district of Nelson, the mayor of Tasman District, the mayor of Nelson, and the Anglican bishop. These trustees appoint six additional trustees, who bring scientific and business expertise to the Board. Meet the Trust Board.