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Longfin tuna and brown trout habitat quality indices for interpreting habitat quality score data

27 April, 2016
Cawthron Report No. 2843. Prepared for Environment Southland.


The rapid habitat assessment protocol used to calculate a Habitat Quality Score (HQS) for rivers and streams is a nationally standardised tool. It is used by regional councils during routine State of Environment river monitoring.

This report adds value to the HQS method by providing a technique to calculate fish habitat quality indices based on data collected using the HQS protocol. The HQS tuna and trout habitat parameter scores are derived from existing literature reviews and fish habitat quality indices which are documented in the Broad-scale Stream Habitat Mapping Protocol report series.

An alternative HQS field sheet is provided with provision for calculating tuna and trout habitat quality index scores in the field. In addition, an Excel spreadsheet is provided for calculating fish habitat quality scores from existing HQS data. This can be found at

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